Bea and Diego established Iberiandrinks in the UK since 2012. We specialise in Spanish and Portuguese wines, from emerging small viñateros across the different regions, local grapes, climates and soils.


That source of exciting wines is based in the sustainability, avoiding chemicals in the vineyard and made in an artisan way in the cellar. We work along with the winemakers releasing new projects together.

We have chosen Spanish and Portuguese wines because we believe that the country is experiencing a wine renaissance scene. Our Portfolio is represented in exclusivity by us in England.

Basket Press Wines is a result of Jiri & Zainab’s travels to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary and their thirst for unearthing outstanding winegrowers. Both coming from hospitality backgrounds, they have a keen sense of understanding of how the industry works. 

The growers they represent dared to go back to the traditional winemaking methods, that is farm organically and allow the wines to follow their natural evolution in their cellars. Amongst them are true pioneers, who have set the way for the younger growers in their region to believe in themselves and think beyond the dogmatic approaches. 

We started our project with an idea of bringing the Portuguese character through wine to the outside world. The wines have to be authentic and expressive. This obviously led us to the organic and natural side of winemaking. We engage deeply with our growers and winemakers on what they do and how they do it. Discussing new wines, how they are to be made and encouraging experimentation towards natural and minimal intervention production. A new project, Uncondemned, is the epitomy of our attempt to connect the smallest of growers with the international wine scene: we find micro vineyards, 100 years or older, to bring the rare authentic experience around the world.  

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